Association for Clinical Research Malaysia

The ACRM (Association for Clinical Research Malaysia) was established for the purpose of facilitating the set up and maintenance of clinical researches and databases in the country. Research databases include information concerning demographics, diagnosis, treatment history and outcomes. A variety of output can be generated from the information collected.

In Malaysia however, there have been a lot of debatable issues surrounding clinical databases. The common problem seems to be in terms of collecting and sharing the data as well as database maintenance. Most institutions collect data for their own use. The majority of them have reservations with regards to data sharing even if it is for a common good. This is due to lack of clear policies on data sharing. These issues will remain unresolved unless measures are taken. Thus spelling the need to standardize (in both content and quality) and share databases.

This association was established to meet to those needs. It will be used as a platform to set up and maintain clinical databases for key diseases in Malaysia. It also aims to be the one stop portal where users can have access; physically and virtually to majority of clinical databases in Malaysia.

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